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2019 Renault Launches The Alaskan ICE Version With Enhanced Features

2019 Renault Launches The Alaskan ICE Version With Enhanced Features

For many years, the design of Renault vehicles remains to be the leading selling measure to the brand. The working strategy has left many people wondering how exactly this automaker got to this point. Well, the team, have always organized their operation for the past few decades. And the truth is no plans have hit them to stop there but only get the mended reins to acquire a tougher identity in the global market.

The efforts have in turn led to the immediate foundation laid for introducing more emotional designs that get the customers to recognize the models within a glance. The recently unveiled Alaskan ICE Edition reflects the running diversity within the Renault range. But what features highlight the dimension of the people about this hardtop? Let’s check out

Enhanced Design

The first time the no stunning Renault Alaskan pick-up got introduced was back in 2017. But now the strong design has made its front section to change and receive the conversant Renault looks. That means the truck has a fresher grille, headlight, bonnet, and bumpers. However, the back has only the tailgates central part altered through flattening to create room for Alaskan badging. The vehicles ice-white color compares well with the red and black outside touches. The high-class two-color hardtop provides additional storage space to keep the cargo safe during transport. The black cutting bars, wing protectors, 18-inch black aluminum wheel rims, all-terrain tires, shark antenna and many more makes the car demonstrates the customization making. The model will remain stunning as before, with its stylish, strong lines and front end.

Comfortable Interior

The inside of this cabin still manages to remain practical and very comfortable for your road times. Its animated front seats have an eight-way modifiable seat for the driver to make the rides more relaxing, while the pickup continues to work with its decent storage space. With the continuing growth in demand for the seven-speed gearbox and automatic transmissions, this pickup is well-matched and responsive with its 187 bhp engine. Even though the reasonably small-capacity of the 2.3-liter engine can scare away some buyers, it still works well. In top power rating, it will, however, operate quite hard but with the torque evenly spreading across its bottom part. Besides space, you get five leather seats and also an audio system with six Focal hi-fi speakers having full Dôme Flax tech. The Alaskan ICE Edition provides a superior sound experience that will enable you to enjoy all the moments you spend on board.

Versatile Operations

The design of Alaskan ICE Edition car makes it deal with all kinds of a scenario including use for business, leisure or off-road. The included a two-tone hardtop, lockable tailgate, sliding or lockable bedcover, and a protector among others make the car suitable for use either professionally or personally.  Not only is the car tough but also fuel-efficient with economical fuel use in the auto market.

The Alaskan: Customized Solutions

The launch of the vehicle shows the thrive of the implemented fresher design strategy. While this iconic car perpetuates the potential by optimizing its strengths, there are further details to what this means to the part dealers.  All thanks to specialized Renault network, the brand revolutionizes without overlooking to provide the best accessories. The show vehicle has a range of solutions to make life easy for the drivers both for leisure and work.

Alaskan owners will rely on the expertise from the AutoPlus team to get your tailor-made vehicle components. At this store, it is sure you will find your select Renault auto car spare parts Dubai that match the Factory provisions. You can check through the website and place your orders for original and genuine elements.


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