Porsche and UP.Labs establish joint startup to generate enhanced vehicle data

Porsche and UP.Labs (a venture lab of mobility investment firm UP.Partners) have collaborated to found Pull Systems, a company that will develop a machine-learning-as-a-service solution for capturing and analyzing vehicle

Volkswagen brand increases earnings in 2022 and continues to drive forward e-offensive

Solid financial base: Operating profit before special items increased to EUR 2.6 billion; operating return rises to 3.6 percent in challenging environment The post Volkswagen brand increases earnings in 2022

Teknologi hibrid elektrik bakal jadikan kereta WRC Rally1 lebih laju di Rally Mexico 2023 minggu

Seperti yang diketahui, Kejohanan Rali Dunia (WRC) kini sudah pun mula menggunakan teknologi hibrid elektrik menerusi kategori Rally1 sebagai kelas tertinggi menggantikan kategori WRCar bermula musim tahun lalu. Jentera baharu

Hongqi brand’s overseas sales making a good start

Brand-new Hongqi H5 launched in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia on January 31, 2023, marking a breakthrough in overseas marketing for Hongqi brand The post Hongqi brand’s overseas sales

Chancellor’s Budget: fuel tax frozen, pothole repairs funded, sustainable energy sought

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt has frozen fuel duty, boosted repairs to pothole damaged roads and targeted solutions to recruitment issues in his Budget statement.For Feedback & Comments,

The Peugeot i-Cockpit® is turning 10: The story of a bold invention and successful

More than 10 years ago, with the first generation of the Peugeot 208, Peugeot dared to revolutionise one of the elements that has evolved least in the history of the

Harga minyak 16-22 Mac – semua masih dikekalkan

Kementerian Kewangan (MOF) telah memutuskan untuk terus mengekalkan harga runcit bagi ketiga-tiga bahan api iaitu petrol RON 97 dan RON 95 serta diesel untuk minggu bertarikh 16 hingga 22 Mac

Digital, dynamic and now also fully electric: the BMW 5 Series enters a new era

Announcements made at the BMW Group Annual Conference: BMW 5 Series Sedan will also come as all-electric Performance model from BMW M GmbH The post Digital, dynamic and now also

Dealers continue to feel EV price drop pain as affordability improves

Used electric vehicle (EV) values have continued to decline as falling values dent dealer confidence but boost affordability for car buyers looking to make the zero emissions transition, Cap HPI has said.For