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Addressing the Problem of a Sticking Gas Pedal

Addressing the Problem of a Sticking Gas Pedal

Even though it is unlikely, a sticking gas pedal does happen. If you’re a driver, you would want to know what causes such a problem and how to address it. Understanding how to deal with a sticking gas pedal can help save a life. A malfunctioning gas pedal could be frightening to many drivers and so it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible by your auto parts technician or mechanic.

What Is a Sticking Gas Pedal?

A sticking gas pedal can occur when you step on the accelerator and when you remove your foot, the pedal returns to its position slower than usual. Other times, it feels stiff when you step on it or you find out that it is completely stuck. You may even find a situation where the car continues to accelerate fast even though you removed your foot from the gas pedal.

Causes of a Sticking Gas Pedal

One known cause for a sticking gas pedal is a dirty butterfly valve within the throttle body. This occurs when there is carbon buildup that causes the butterfly valve to malfunction. The butterfly valve is responsible for regulating the air that enters through the engine. When you step on the gas pedal, the valve opens to respond to the command sent by the gas pedal. However, with time too much carbon may accumulate in the valve and this causes the sticking. 

Fixing a Sticking Gas Pedal

If you notice your gas pedal is sticking, you will need to contact a genuine auto spare parts dealer or technician. The technician knows how to remove the throttle body that houses the butterfly valve and clean it properly. In most cases, a lot of slime or gunk builds up around the valve causing the gas pedal to stick. A genuine auto spares parts technician can help you by spraying the appropriate throttle body cleaner and use a sponge or soft brush to remove the gunk. When the inside of the throttle body and the valve are clean, your car’s gas pedal should no longer stick.

The Role of Auto Parts Technician

While a dirty valve could be a major culprit, you need a mechanic or take your car to a genuine auto parts dealer to check for other possible causes. The technician can check the condition of the throttle cable and the gas pedal assembly to ensure that they are well-fitted and functioning properly. The technician may find that a sensor or one of the springs in the throttle body may be completely damaged causing the problem. In this case, an auto spare parts technician needs to help you find an original throttle body for the replacement.

Regular Check-up and Maintenance

You can never underestimate the importance of regular maintenance for your car. You should note that a sticking pedal even a little bit, is very dangerous. To avoid such problems, always ensure your car is checked regularly by a mechanic or a genuine auto spare parts dealer for repairs or replacement.

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