Ngk Spark Plugs

AutoPlusDubai boasts in keeping stocks of the best in line auto products. This is the reason why customers come to us when superior quality is their priority. One such product is NGK Sparks Plug. This world famous top class company in the category of spark plugs and oxygen sensors came into being in 1963. Since then NGK Sparks Plugs is continuing to satisfy its customers with utmost attention to quality and innovation. The company is committed to delivering excellent customer service through its superior product performance. This is mainly the reason why at NGK Sparks Plugs research and development is extremely crucial. As an illustration of NGK Spark Plugs’ commitment to innovation and research, it came up with successful product lines such as NTK Technical Ceramics, NGK Wire Sets, NTK Knock Sensors, NTK Oxygen Sensors and many other top of the line products. The company pioneered in many production processes such as introducing spark plugs of copper core, new ceramics and applying it to integrated computer circuitry, contributing to environmental protection through cleaner, lesser emitting engines with the deployment of “V-Groove” spark plug and introducing spark plugs of irridium for performance markets and OEM.