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BYD Seal EV – RHD version seen testing in Thailand

BYD Seal EV – RHD version seen testing in Thailand

BYD Seal EV – RHD version seen testing in Thailand

A right-hand-drive version of the BYD Seal development car has been sighted undergoing tests in Thailand, according to images posted to the EV Club Thailand Facebook group. Through the windscreen of the Seal photographed here, its steering wheel on the right-hand-side of the cabin can be seen.

The Seal has been previewed in Malaysia ahead of its launch in our market that is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, and it has also been shown at the 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS 2023), in both instances presented in left-hand-drive form.

In Malaysia, the Seal will be joining the Atto 3 that was launched in December 2022, arriving on the market priced from RM149,800 for the Standard Range and up to RM167,800 for the Extended Range variant. In some markets, the Seal is also known as the Atto 4.

BYD Seal camouflaged in Thailand, and on display at the 2023 Bangkok International Motor Show

Chinese-market pricing for the Seal begins from the equivalent of RM210k, while the Long Range RWD variant of this four-door coupé-type sedan with 700 km of battery range is pegged at the equivalent of RM259k. In China, that starting point of the Seal range is the RWD Elite, which employs a 201 hp motor on the rear wheels and draws power from a 61.4 kWh Blade battery, offering 550 km of range on the Chinese CLTC testing standard.

On the next rung up is the Long Range RWD, which, in addition to a larger 82.5 kWh battery for 800 km of range, also gets a more powerful 308 hp motor to offer a 0-100 km/h time of 5.9 seconds. Topping the Seal range is the Long Range AWD Performance, packing two motors for a combined 523 hp and a resulting 0-100 km/h time of 3.8 seconds. This top variant manages up to 650 km of range.

Given its pricing in China, the BYD Seal appears well positioned to be priced around the RM300k mark, and even if it ends up priced slightly more than that, it would still be among the most affordable of the long-range EVs to go on sale in Malaysia.

While the Seal is often named as a rival to the Tesla Model 3, another comparable car that is already on sale in Malaysia through official channels is the BMW i4 that is priced at RM389,800 with BMW Malaysia’s extended warranty and servicing, while the high-performance M50 variant is priced at RM430,800. Up against these rivals, how do you think the BYD Seal stacks up?


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