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Dacia unveils its first ever hybrid, the Jogger Hybrid 140

Dacia unveils its first ever hybrid, the Jogger Hybrid 140

The Jogger Hybrid 140 from Dacia, which is launched this month, is the auto maker’s first ever hybrid electric vehicle. It features a drivetrain which has been well tested by the Renault Group, consisting of a proven 1.6-liter petrol engine paired with two electric motors – a 50ps traction motor and a smaller high-voltage starter generator (HSG). A multi-mode clutch-less gearbox also features to optimize gear changes for smooth power delivery.

The system enables full-electric starting without having to use the petrol engine; Dacia designed the Hybrid 140 to use the electric motor to pull-away from a standstill every time.

Under normal driving conditions, the vehicle’s hybrid system chooses the best combination of petrol or electric power, with seamless switching between both. The system is also capable of using the electric motor to help fill-in the gaps in acceleration that naturally occur when changing gears, for enhanced power delivery and comfortable performance.

A compact 1.2kWh 230V battery under the Jogger Hybrid 140’s floor powers the electric motor. This is recharged each time the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator, with the electric motor working as a generator to recover kinetic energy. Additionally, if ‘B’ (brake) mode is selected, the amount of energy recuperated can be increased, with additional braking to recharge the battery in a shorter time period. When the brake pedal is pressed, a similar effect occurs, with the initial braking effort coming from the regeneration system, before being joined by further mechanical braking if required.

Due to the energy recovery, the Jogger Hybrid 140 can be driven for up to 80% of its time on urban roads in full-electric mode, resulting in 40% fuel savings compared to a pure petrol model on the urban cycle. It is capable of 43mph on solely electric power, and can achieve 0-96km/h in 10.1 seconds.


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