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FIA confirms six power unit manufacturers for 2026

FIA confirms six power unit manufacturers for 2026

The FIA has confirmed that six manufacturers have registered as power unit suppliers for the 2026-2030 F1 seasons. There is a notable absence of Porsche on the list, though the FIA has added a caveat that other brands will be permitted late entries if their bids are of sufficient merit. The confirmed entrants are:

  • Alpine Racing
  • Audi
  • Ferrari
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-AMG HPP
  • Red Bull Ford

New engine regulations for 2026 will see suppliers have to undertake a wholesale redesign of their ICEs. The headline change is removal of the MGU-H, deemed to be too expensive to develop for new entrants and not relevant for road car development. The rules also outlaw split turbo setups as used by Mercedes, Red Bull Powertrains/Honda and Renault. The technical regulations up MGU-K output to 350kW, while ICE output will be around 400kW (a drop from approximately 630kW currently).

Rather than having a fuel flow limit, the regulations will instead mandate a maximum fuel energy usage. The rules will also seek to limit the development of the ‘bottom end’ components of the ICE, the intent being to get manufacturers to focus their attention on the combustion system.

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem commented, “The confirmation that there will be six power unit manufacturers competing in Formula 1 from 2026 is testament to the strength of the championship and the robust technical regulations that have been diligently created by the FIA in close collaboration with Formula 1 and the power unit manufacturers. The power unit is at the forefront of technological innovation, making the future of Formula 1 more sustainable while maintaining the spectacular racing. I am grateful for the confidence of world-leading automotive manufacturers demonstrated by their commitment to Formula 1.”

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