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Fresh laws and rules to be established for excellence in quality of auto spare parts.

Fresh laws and rules to be established for excellence in quality of auto spare parts.

As UAE gears up for the expo 2020 and the way it will reform its global practices, it is also targeting the auto spare parts industry by regularizing and creating ways to tackle inefficient auto spare parts in the market.  A strong body of certifications known as Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (Esma) has proclaimed that no strict measures would be taken in place to ensure all auto spare parts being installed in Japanese or Korean vehicles are Genuine or off very high quality. A lot of substandard and cheap parts are also a reason for increase in number of accidents around the region and safety is of utmost concern on the roads. The decision and implantation of these rules have taken effective control already in the country. Many auto spare parts dealers are using a very low quality brake pads and brake discs to reduce the costs in the market and to be more competitive. Hence, it is always recommended by the government to comply and use Genuine auto spare parts in your vehicle as much as possible or a very strong quality aftermarket brand coming from a reputed agency. The new rules established by UAE ministry has made it very important and stressed on the fact that no new spare parts will be allowed to sell in the country be it importing any auto spare parts unless they is a certificate which can be issued by ESMA after rigorous testing of the quality of the parts.

There are few things you should always bear in mind before purchasing any spare parts from any seller for any brand of vehicle. Always ensure the seller from whom you are purchasing is well reputed and has a good certification with them to ensure they are meeting with dealer standards for Genuine auto spare parts. Usually reputed auto spare parts dealers would have proper inventory and stock available with them at all times and through word of mouth it is easy to know about the reputation of that particular auto spare parts dealer. Second thing to bear In mind before purchasing Genuine parts is the cost of its parts. Before confirming a purchase make sure you have inquired well enough in the market to see the prices are similar with a margin of 10% plus or minus from another dealer. If any spare parts can be found at a very much cheaper price then it could be a fishy parts and must be avoided under all circumstances. Hence, market comparison is important as well.  Third and most importantly you need to check the parts physically to ensure its Genuineness and authencity before confirming the parts. Usually Genuine parts will have a small manual with them or installation procedures and so will high quality aftermarket parts as well. Hence, it Is very important to ensure the feel and look of the Genuine parts will be much more different compared to others in the market. Genuine parts will also have a very high finish on the outside and has a warranty period as well which will ensure your car runs for a longer period of time while ensuring safety for everyone else in your vehicle.


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