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Honda outlines plans for electric vehicle production in the USA

Honda outlines plans for electric vehicle production in the USA

The next stages in the development of Honda’s electric vehicle (EV) Hub in Ohio, USA, have been revealed, as the company builds towards an electrified future.

Back in October 2022, the OEM announced a US$700m investment in the retooling of several of its existing auto and powertrain plants in Ohio with the aim of establishing an EV hub in the state ahead of starting BEV manufacturing in 2026. The first site to begin producing these EVs will be Honda’s Marysville Auto Plant (MAP).

MAP, East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) and the Anna Engine Plant (AEP) will be transformed to enable Honda to begin EV production in North America, with knowledge and expertise gained through these activities shared across Honda’s entire North American auto production, even at the OEM’s sites that are still producing petrol-powered vehicles.

In January 2024, MAP will begin preparations for EV production by consolidating its two production lines which currently produce vehicles with internal combustion engines and hybrid-electric vehicle systems. This will enable the facility to start building the infrastructure necessary for EV production. Later this year, MAP associates will be provided with training to ensure they have the skills required for EV production.

Following the consolidation activities at MAP, Honda’s Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) will take over production of the Honda Accord in 2025. This will maintain production volume while enabling MAP to transition to EV production. The Anna Engine Plant (AEP) will transfer component production for two different generations of engines to the Alabama Auto Plant (AAP): engine head machining of the existing V6 for Honda light trucks – which ceased at AEP in February 2023 – will now be carried out at AAP; and engine block casting for the latest V6 used in the 2023 Honda Pilot will begin at AAP in August 2023. As a result, AEP will now have additional space for future IPU Case production.

These cases will be combined with the battery modules produced at the new joint venture battery facility Honda is establishing in Ohio with LG Energy Solution (LGES). These EV batteries will power the EVs produced at MAP and ELP.

Honda’s Transmission Plant in Georgia (TMP-G) will partner with a Honda supplier to install a new production line which will build e-axles. The supplier will install, own and operate the e-axle line in an area at the site which used to be utilized for transmission production.

To achieve carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050, Honda aims to make battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles represent 100% of its vehicle sales by 2040.

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