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Kaluza and Mitsubishi Motors partner for Japan’s first EV smart charging service

Kaluza and Mitsubishi Motors partner for Japan’s first EV smart charging service

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and energy software platform Kaluza have announced that they will collaboratively launch Japan’s first telematics-based smart charging service to enhance the affordability of electric vehicles (EVs) and maximize their value for a decarbonized energy system.

Smart charging technology enables EVs to charge during periods of low demand, when electricity is cheaper and more sustainable. This means customers avoid high electricity prices and alleviate network balancing challenges.

For the new service, Kaluza’s software will directly connect with MMC’s latest Outlander PHEV model via telematics, removing the need for separate smart charging hardware. Kaluza will optimize charging to reduce EV costs and carbon emissions for customers. Owners will be able to schedule charging through a mobile app, meaning it is always charged and ready to drive. Users can also track their charging savings. Product trials for Outlander owners in Japan will begin in 2023.

The service will be provided as part of an agreement between MMC, Kaluza and Mitsubishi Corporation. By bringing together cross-industry partners, the collaboration aims to develop customer-centric services, ensuring ease-of-use and clear financial rewards to speed up the adoption of EVs. Through the service, the trio will demonstrate the power of smart charging at scale and its potential to accelerate Japan towards being a carbon neutral society.

“By turning electric vehicles into ‘batteries on wheels’, countries can build smarter, greener energy systems, centred around the customer,” said Neel Gulhar, CMO and head of Flex at Kaluza. “We look forward to combining Kaluza’s technical expertise and global smart charging experience with Mitsubishi Motors’ world-leading vehicles. Together we will prove how EVs can be made more affordable for customers and help solve Japan’s grid challenges.”

“The expansion of EVs and renewable energy is making a large impact on power grids and the need for supply and demand adjustment is increasing,” explained Kazuaki Iwamoto, corporate officer and Division GM of Mobility Business at MMC. “MMC is tackling this issue by working with Kaluza to develop smart charging services that optimize EV charging and help stabilize power grids in Japan. Furthermore, MMC is looking forward to developing various advanced services using connected technologies like large-capacity EV batteries as “Balancing Energy” and contributing to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.”

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