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KLIA Ekspres, Transit now allows bicycles, scooters

KLIA Ekspres, Transit now allows bicycles, scooters

KLIA Ekspres, Transit now allows bicycles, scooters

Putrajaya is a popular destination for cycling during weekends due to its nice scenery, unique architecture and the sheer vastness of the place. Whether it’s on the administrative capital’s broad boulevards or the pretty path around the lake, Putrajaya is a safe place for you to test ‘legpower’.

So, it’s good news that the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trans now allow bicycles and scooters onboard. Paying customers can bring their non-foldable bicycles and scooters free of charge on the ‘airport train’ on weekends and public holidays, while foldable bicycles are allowed onboard any day.

However, ERL is reminding those carrying two-wheelers to practice the 3Bs – Be with your bike at all times, Be sure that you and your bicycle are not causing any obstruction, and Be considerate of other passengers. Also remember to enter via the wide gates, use lifts (carry your bike if you have to use the stairs), allow other passengers to enter and exit first and keep your bike away from doorways.

As for the don’ts, one must not ride on the platform, use the escalator, sit on your bikes in the train and hang bikes on the handrails. Please be considerate.

By the way, KLIA Transit has a Putrajaya stop that connects to the MRT Putrajaya Line that will open on March 16.

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