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Mercedes-Benz Agility+ financing now in Malaysia

Mercedes-Benz Agility+ financing now in Malaysia

Mercedes-Benz Agility+ financing now in Malaysia

When it comes to vehicle financing solutions, Mercedes-Benz Financial’s Agility Financing has always provided the easiest and most hassle-free route into Mercedes-Benz ownership. Tailored to meet the requirements of each individual with a variety of tenures available, the plan offers lower monthly instalments compared to conventional hire purchase loans and, more importantly, full control over it.

That ease continues with Agility+, which replaces Agility Financing. Like its predecessor, the new financing plan – which now comes with two service packages – is designed to provide exceptional flexibility and peace of mind, with the future value of your car guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz.

As before, all you have to do is choose the repayment plan tenure and your desired annual mileage of the Mercedes-Benz model you’ve chosen and decide on your upfront payment to determine the monthly repayment, and that’s it. You won’t have to decide on anything until your arrangement comes to an end – at that point, you have the option to settle, extend or return the car.

As an example, the repayment through an Agility+ plan for the locally-assembled C 200 Avantgarde can be as low as RM3,788 a month over a three-year tenure. That’s significantly cheaper than a normal bank loan instalment per month, and the great thing about the plan is that you don’t need to take a longer financing tenure for an affordable monthly installment.

Each Agility Financing scheme also comes with MobilityPlus. Provided at no extra cost, this guarantees a replacement car should your Mercedes-Benz need to be in an authorised workshop for 48 hours or more due to service and maintenance, warranty claims or accident repairs. MobilityPlus offers a 20-day per year entitlement period for a replacement car at no extra cost to the customer. Find out more about Agility+ here.

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