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Mercedes-Maybach launches first plug-in hybrid

Mercedes-Maybach launches first plug-in hybrid

Luxury auto maker Mercedes-Maybach has launched its first plug-in hybrid, the S 580, which will be available in China before sales are expanded to Thailand, Europe and other countries.

At the front of the vehicle sits a highly efficient inline six-cylinder engine from the current Mercedes-Benz petrol engine portfolio. The powertrain delivers 367hp while also delivering low fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission, and when it is combined with the electric motor, the Mercedes‑Maybach S 580 e is capable of delivering a system peak power output of 375kW, or 510hp, with a maximum torque of 750Nm. The electric motor is capable of delivering an instantaneous 440Nm for rapid acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5.1 seconds.

A concealed charging socket is situated on the left side of the vehicle, with an 11kW charger fitted as standard to enable three-phase charging from the AC mains. A 60kW DC charger for fast charging with direct current is also available as an option. A full charge can be achieved in approximately 30 minutes using the fast-charging option, even if the battery is nearly empty.

“With our first plug-in hybrid model, we are combining the luxury experience typical of Maybach with emission-free local driving when in electric driving mode,” said Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes‑Maybach, Mercedes‑Benz Group. “The Mercedes‑Maybach S 580 e represents a pivotal step in the transformation of our heritage brand into an electric future.”

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