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MG Comet – rebadged Wuling Air EV launched in India

MG Comet – rebadged Wuling Air EV launched in India

MG Comet – rebadged Wuling Air EV launched in India

The MG Comet has been launched in India, and if that shape rings a bell, that is because the compact electric vehicle is a rebadged Wuling Air. Assembly of the MG Comet will be at the MG plant in India, with its battery sourced from Tata Autocomp, according to Car News China.

While the Wuling Air is offered in China in two variants, a standard wheelbase and a long wheelbase, the MG Comet will be offered in India as a LWB, citing a source. Despite its LWB label, however, the Comet will be the smallest car on sale in India, according to the website, and it is expected to be priced from US$12,200 (RM55,119) in India.

This would also make the Comet the most affordable model from MG in India, where the brand also sells the MG ZS EV. This larger model is sold in Malaysia via parallel import channels at RM235k, bringing a maximum range of 320 km and a 177 PS/280 Nm motor.

Wuling Air EV

While MG India has yet to reveal the interior of the Comet in images, this can be expected to be a carry-over of the Wuling Air EV’s cabin, which offers a four-seater layout accessed through a two-door body. Interior equipment can be expected to mirror those of the Wuling Air, as well, which packs 10-25-inch dual display, voice command, an electric parking brake and auto vehicle hold.

The Air EV was revealed to measure 2,974 mm long, 1,505 mm wide and 1,631 mm tall with a 2,010 mm wheelbase in LWB form, while its wheels – also identical on the MG Comet – measure 12 inches in diameter.

In Indonesia, where the Wuling Air made its debut in June 2022, the compact EV is offered with a choice of two output levels, of 31 KW (41 PS) or 50 kW (68 PS). Two battery sizes were offered, with the 18 kWh battery offering 200 km of range while the 27 kWh battery variant yielded a claimed range of up to 300 km.

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