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PLUS introduces Menu Rahmah – RM5 meals at R&Rs

PLUS introduces Menu Rahmah – RM5 meals at R&Rs

PLUS introduces Menu Rahmah – RM5 meals at R&Rs

Here’s a serving of good news for those who frequently ply the PLUS North South Highway. The much talked about Menu Rahmah meals are now available at highway R&Rs, which means that you can enjoy pit stop meals for just RM5.

And they are proper meals too, not just snacks. You’ll find an extensive list of vendors serving nasi with lauk or noodles, and I’m salivating just by writing this piece. Since it’s pretty difficult to find nasi campur at night, I’ll have nasi with rebung masak lemak, pucuk manis (will take extra pumpkin as usual) and a dash of the pajeri nenas gravy for lunch tomorrow. No protein, unlike the Menu Rahmah fare, and it still won’t be RM5.

OK, enough from my speaking tummy. PLUS’ Menu Rahmah is available for lunch (noon till 2pm) and dinner (7pm to 9pm) or while stocks last at participating stalls. The highway concessionaire says that this is just Phase 1 of its Menu Rahmah initiative, and it starts today at the following R&Rs.

  • R&R Dengkil (Arah Utara & Selatan)
  • R&R Rawang (Arah Utara)
  • R&R Seremban (Arah Utara)
  • Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh (Arah Utara & Selatan)
  • R&R Tapah (Arah Utara & Selatan)
  • R&R Ulu Bernam (Arah Selatan)
  • Hentian Sebelah Nilai (Arah Utara & Selatan)
  • Hentian Sebelah Serdang (Arah Utara & Selatan)
  • Hentian Sebelah Simpang Pulai (Arah Utara & Selatan)

Check out the list of participating stalls and their RM5 menu below. Makan!

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