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Reasons for Grinding Noises from the Brakes

Reasons for Grinding Noises from the Brakes

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One of the scariest thing for many drivers is facing faulty brakes. Faulty brakes can easily contribute to accidents because you cannot stop the car. The good thing is that most of the time, there are signs that can tell you when the brakes have a problem such as the grinding noises. However, drivers may have difficulties interpreting the grinding noises coming from the brakes. 

Why the Grinding

It is difficult to easily determine the reasons auto parts behave the way they do. For example, there are many reason why your car’s brakes may be making the grinding noises. It could be one reason or a combination of many reasons. Either way, reach out to your auto spare parts dealer when you suspect any slightest sign of wear and tear of the brakes.

You Have Not Used Your Car for a Long Time

When a car stays for a long time without being used and especially under poor storage, it can develop corrosion or rust. Many auto parts develop corrosion this way. You may notice that even when you start using your car, the rust may spread to other parts of the braking system. Just like how people, need to be active and exercise to avoid injury, you should regularly drive your car even if it is for short distances.

Damaged Rotor Discs

Rotor discs eventually wear out after years of use. They last approximately 15,000 to 20,000 miles. When they wear out, you begin to hear the grinding noises when you apply the brakes. If you have been stepping on the brakes and you hear noise resembling scraping noise, it time to reach your trusted auto spare parts dealer for replacement.

You Need To Check the Brake Pads

The brake pads are in constant contact with the rotors and caliper. Overtime, they cause damage to the brake pads leading to the grinding noise. The same advice applies here because you need a genuine auto spares parts store to get new brake pads.

Problem with the Wheel Bearings

When driving and you hear the grinding noises coming from around the wheels, you may be dealing with a damaged wheel bearing. You can determine if this is really the problem if the car vibrates softly and then loudly and this goes back and forth while you drive. A wheel bearing is made of wheel balls that are held in place by a race. If the steel balls wear out, the grinding noise occurs and your tires start to wear out in patches. Make sure you can get new auto spare parts as soon as possible because if left unchecked, the damage can extend to other auto parts.

Poor Lubrication

You should ensure that brake caliper bolts and other small parts in the braking system are well lubricated. If the caliper bolts are old or worn out, an auto spare parts dealer can easily replace them.

Damaged Shims

Just like the caliper bolts, small parts like the shims should be in good condition. The brake shim refers to a metal or rubber placed in between the rotors and brake pads. If the shims are damaged, the grinding noises appear but you can have this fixed easily. Brake shims are easily found in auto parts stores and it takes minutes to change them.

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