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Volkswagen Touareg facelift – 3rd gen update teased

Volkswagen Touareg facelift – 3rd gen update teased

Volkswagen has released some details alongside preliminary details on the upcoming facelifted third generation Volkswagen Touareg, scheduled to debut in summer 2023. These teaser photos show the Touareg R eHybrid model on test in Sweden.

The facelifted third gen Touareg will gain IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlamps, which is built from 19,200 individual micro LEDs per headlamp. This allows a very precise finetuning of the beam pattern to suit the driving situation – for example, adjusting the beam pattern for better illumination of a narrow motorway.

Something new for the Touareg facelift’s European release is an illuminated rear badge. This is something previously already available for the US and China markets, but with European regulations now permitting this, the rear Volkswagen badge is now lit up in red at night.

In terms of chassis dynamics, a roof load sensor is now used, which is networked with the chassis electronics. This allows increased agility when the roof is not loaded. If a roof box is installed, sensors recognise this and optimises assistance systems such as stability control to make up for it.

On the inside, the facelifted Touareg is equipped with the “Innovision Cockpit, which features a 15 inch central touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can now be operated wirelessly. Other improvements include softer finishing for the armrests and the center console panels, for better interior comfort.

The third gen Touareg was never offered in Malaysia, although the second generation was. The closest thing you can get to a Touareg here is a Q7 or a Cayenne.

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