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Zenvo Automotive announces Aurora V12 hypercar

Zenvo Automotive announces Aurora V12 hypercar

Danish vehicle manufacturer Zenvo Automotive has released details of its upcoming Aurora hypercar. Powered by a six-liter, twin-turbocharged V12 engine, the vehicle will feature the company’s proprietary gearbox with an integrated hybrid drive setup, and a modular design chassis with carbon monocoque and carbon subframes.

Two variants of the model will be offered: the road-going, grand touring specification Aurora Tur (Tour) with a limited top speed of more than 400km/h; and the Aurora Agil (Agile), which will come with an aggressive aero package for increased performance on race circuits. The OEM states that “both cars will focus more on driving engagement than headline numbers”. Only 100 Auroras will be built.

Several commercial partnerships will be revealed by Zenvo Automotive ahead of the Aurora’s international reveal in August this year. The vehicle will benefit from worldwide homologation, and signals the company’s 10-year plan “to grow Zenvo into a leading global brand”.

“It is a remarkable honor to direct our growing team, as we undertake the most exciting phase in the history of the company,” explained Jens Sverdrup, chief commercial officer and chairman of the board, Zenvo Automotive. “This car has come from the passion that runs deep in the Zenvo family and very much aligns with our ethos of ‘smiles per mile’. 2023 is going to be a truly exciting year.”

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