Aisin Spare Parts

The company was formed in Japan in 1965. The company has a network of subsidiaries that are involved in processing of all the aspects of driving that are “drive”, “turn” and “stop”. The range of products that it manufactures in the automotive category includes drive-train, engine, body and chassis and brake. The company excels in the production of products relevant to these categories based on the principle of “Quality First”. Its unmatched and superior technology orientation enables it to continually delight its customers. The company encourages initiative and contemporary approach towards production so that fresh and new ideas are incorporated in the production of highest quality automotive products. The customers give positive feedback about the company’s products with regard to the safety, design, performance and comfort functions of the products of Aisin. The company’s global presence allows it to fully understand the requirements of different market segments and lets it come up with products tailored to the needs of various markets around the world.

AutoplusDubai is a well known automotive aftermarket company which aims to satisfy its customers with abundant knowledge and expertise provided by the highly skilled workforce at the company. The company has a huge variety of top quality automotive brands including Aisin which make it stand out in the category of aftermarket companies.