Seiken Rake Parts

Seiken brake parts This Japanese manufacturer has the “Quality First” and since its inception in 1959 it has served it motto quite well. The company serves its customers with continuously developing and supplying products that are reasonably priced. This Japanese brand is well known for its reliable and durable products. The company is focused on achieving and exceeding customer expectations all the time. The company specializes in the production of brake parts, clutch parts and drive shaft boots. Its brake parts range is extremely vast which includes brake master cylinder and repair kit, wheel cylinder and wheel cylinder cup kit, caliper seal kit, lever cup kit and much more. Clutch parts include clutch master cylinder and its repair kit, clutch operating cylinder and its repair kit. Drive shaft boots range includes CV joint grease and supplement grease. Apart from these high quality products the company also manufactures brake fluid, coolant and chemical for battery, engine and window. is a supplier of products manufactured by Seiken Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.