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What Are Shock Absorbers And What’s Their Lifespan

What Are Shock Absorbers And What’s Their Lifespan

Shcok Absorbers

By now you know that there are many auto parts
designed for different purposes. All parts of the car whether big or small are
essential for proper functioning of the car. Shock absorbers are one of those
auto parts that are talked about often but probably most misunderstood. It is
important to know their functions and how long they last in a car.

Is the Work of Shock Absorbers?

Popular belief is that shock absorbers support the
weight of a car. For clarity, shock absorbers, just as their name sounds are
designed to absorb shock so that it does not reach the occupants of the car. Do
you find yourself driving smoothly even on bumps? It is because of shock absorbers.
They are oil pumps that absorb any impact when you apply the brakes even if
suddenly. They do so by converting kinetic energy into heat.

of Shock Absorbers

You need to know the different types of shock
absorbers so that you can have your auto spare parts technician give you the
specific ones you request for your car.

  • Twin-tube:
    These are designed with a pressure tube and a reserve tube. They are the most
    widely available at car dealerships, repair shops, and auto spare parts stores.
    The twin-tube shock absorbers work by transferring the hydraulic fluid inside the
    tube and this heats the mechanical energy that naturally dissolves. You will
    find tiny holes in the piston and special valves between the two tubes that
    limit the oil flow and this controls the wheel movement.
  • Mono-tube:
    These only have the pressure tube. However, they have two pistons – one is
    working and the other floating. They move in sync with the movement of the car
    when moving on the road.
  • Spool
    : They are made with oil passages that are around the
    cylindrical sleeve. Spool valves are compatible with twin-tube and mono-tube.
    They are also used in electronic systems.

For any type of shock absorbers, you can have a
genuine parts dealer check their functionality when you begin to feel impacts
of your car during a rough drive.

Should Shock Absorbers Be Replaced?

Unlike other auto parts, shock absorbers do not have an
expiration or mileage. There are certain things that can tell you if your shock
absorbers are failing.

  • You may begin to
    find that your car takes longer to come to a full stop. For example, the car
    may takes additional distance before stopping. You don’t want your shock
    absorbers to reach that level and so you should contact an auto spare parts
    dealer to get you new ones.
  • If the shock
    absorbers are worn out, you may also notice that the wheels are wearing down in
    an uneven way.
  • Another sign is
    that the car seems to vibrate as you drive. This occurs because of lack of
    strong shock absorbing capability.  The
    vibrations may be subtle especially when you are on low speed but your car can
    lose control when driving in high speed.
  • The car also tilts
    to one side. When you drive in such conditions you also feel off-balance.

Replacing the shock absorbers is the best solution. Contact a genuine spare parts dealer for new shock absorbers to ensure the safety of your car. Auto Plus Dubai has been dealing with OEM auto parts for years. You can be sure of genuine and durable shock absorbers when you contact Auto Plus.