Taiho Engine Bearings

Founded in 1944, the company takes pride in being a very customer responsive and highly innovative producer of autoparts. Taiho means reliability and the company ensures that it does not deviate from its objective of coming up with reliable products. The company produces engine bearings, special bearings, precision dies, EGR valves and actuators and many others. The company oncorporates high technology and great deal of knowledge and expertise of its employees for the production of its high quality and high performing engine bearings. Taiho’s micro groove bearings are an illustration of ground-breaking innovative bearings that made flat bearings obsolete. The company has its plants located in many countries including Korea, Japan, Thailand and the US. AutoPlusDubai is keen in providing its customers with the best quality products. That is why you can find Taiho engine bearings at AutoPlusDubai.