Nok Corteco

The company was founded in 1887 and since then its guiding philosophy and principles have paved way for it to continually provide its customers with superior quality products. The company specializes in the production of auto parts. It supplies 19,000 spare parts that can be divided into three main categories, namely sealing, vibration control and cabin air filtration. Apart from this, the company produces products such as valve stem seals, chassis, engine mounts, gaskets and engine kits and many other automotive parts. Its products are highly innovative and continually upgraded as per customer’s requirements and preferences. Along with that, company also takes responsibility for its actions’ impact on the environment and society. AutoPlusDubai is also a highly customer savvy company with extremely knowledgeable personnel with regard to auto parts. The sales staff at AutoPlusDubai know exactly what customers expect form them and the company then responds to the customers by supplying with the superior quality products demanded by the customers, such as those of NOK Corteco.