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Is Your Radiator the Problem?

Is Your Radiator the Problem?

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Despite the fact that it is a relatively common problem, radiator problem is one of the auto parts that is not widely understood. If you’re a driver, you want to know when your radiator is posing problems. A faulty radiator can cause extensive damage to your car. You need to know the signs of a failing radiator so that you can fix it on time.

What is a Radiator?

When your car’s engine is on, it becomes very hot. The radiator is designed as part of the engine’s cooling system to ensure that the car is always at the right temperature. In simple terms, the radiator blows cold air and moves water and coolant within the engine. If you suspect something is wrong with your radiator, have an auto spares parts technician examine its functionality. Here are signs to look for.

  1. Coolant Leaks onto the Floor

Have you found some liquid on the floor when you move your car? The coolant moves through the radiator and so if the radiator is broken or faulty, you should see leakage underneath the car. The coolant may also leak while you are driving the car and so it becomes difficult to understand if you have a radiator problem. For a positive confirmation, a genuine auto spare parts shop conducts pressure tests to determine if the radiator has a problem. During this process, the technician pressures the radiator and adds a colored dye to the cooling system. If a leak occurs, you need to get the radiator replaced.

  • Overheating Vehicle

A car that is constantly overheating is an indication of a radiator that is malfunctioning. The overheating occurs because the engine is cooled only through the radiator. When you notice overheating, it does not mean the radiator has completely failed. All the same, you should have an auto spare parts technician or a mechanic check the system. Leaving the problem unresolved the engine can get damaged leading to more expensive repairs.

  • “Low Coolant” Indicator is On

Have you been constantly refilling the coolant? There are high chances of a leak in the radiator. If you refill the coolant but the “Low Coolant” indicator keeps flushing, take your car to a mechanic or auto spare parts shop. Stop adding any more coolant at this rate because a proper diagnosis needs to be done. Don’t drive your car without the coolant, it is a recipe for disaster.

  • Goo/Sludge on the Radiator

This sign is not easily noticeable but it occurs. The coolant is normally green or yellow. A faulty radiator causes contamination of the coolant into a rusty or brownish color. The coolant fails to drain properly and cannot cool the engine properly. It piles up on the radiator creating a sludge. This occurs because the barrier found between the coolant and transmission fluid malfunctions leading to a mix-up of the fluids. It is difficult to find the sludge on the radiator with your bare eyed but a professional mechanic or auto spares parts technician knows what to look for.

If you have noticed any of these signs, don’t wait any longer. Seek out your mechanic because you will need auto parts replacement. If you want genuine spare parts, Auto Plus Dubai deals with original OEM auto parts. You will find them offering their services 24/7.