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Reasons Your Car is Overheating

Reasons Your Car is Overheating

Modern cars are designed with high-tech cooling system that holds multiple sensors, as well as computer-controlled fans to ensure that the engine can run smoothly in any weather. But overheating can still occur. An overheating car is a sign that something is wrong within your car and you may be in for major auto parts repairs. Read through to find out why a car may overheat.

Leakage in the Cooling System

The leakage in the cooling system does not directly lead to an overheating engine. The main cause is air sipping through the cooling system. As the coolant level drops because of a leak, it gives room for air to enter the system. Given that air is lighter than coolant, it moves to the top of the cooling system and this causes an airlock. Airlock refers to a bubble that can be forced into the cooling system through the coolant flow. This means that the cooling system malfunctions because it cannot circulate the coolant effectively, hence the overheating. You have no other way around such a problem except reaching out to a technician or an auto spare parts shop for a determination of the cause of the leakage.  

Blockage in the Cooling System

If there is no leak, you may find that there is blockage in the coolant hose. Blockage leads to poor circulation of the coolant to the radiator that is responsible for dispersing heat. When this happens your car begins to overheat. You need to have a genuine auto spares parts shop or mechanic check the cause of the blockage. Some of the reasons for a blockage include:

  • Failure of the thermostat to open as required.
  • Mineral deposits that block the radiator.
  • Dirt or foreign objects entering the cooling department and blocking the coolant hose.

Faulty Water Pump

A failing water pump is one of the most common reasons for car to overheat. The water pump plays a crucial role in the cooling system because it ensures that coolant circulation is maintained. Unfortunately, overtime, the impeller within the water pump suffers wear and tear and it malfunctions. Within a short time of the impeller breaking down, the engine starts to overheat. An experienced auto spare parts technician can identify the faulty water pump and provide a replacement or fix the impeller.

Problems in the Radiator

It is also common to find that an overheating car has a broken or faulty radiator. The radiator or its fan can be prone to leaks, breakage of the radiator cap, clogs, or other problems. When the radiator is not working properly, heat is unable to escape as required and this causes the temperatures to rise.

Poor Concentration of the Coolant

This is a problem faced in areas with extreme cold weather causing temperatures to go below freezing. The coolant can gel up leading to a blockage. The circulation of the coolant is stopped causing the overheating.

Common Repairs Required

  • Replacing the water pump.
  • Repair or replace radiator.
  • Flushing the antifreeze.
  • Replacing the thermostat.
  • Changing the coolant hose.

A genuine auto spare parts shop can provide these repairs to ensure improved performance of your car. Auto Plus Dubai is one of the companies that has been offering OEM (original) auto spares parts for many years. Reach out for all your auto parts repairs.