The company was formed in 1923 in France in a workshop nearby Paris. For over 90 years the company has developed into a global automotive supplier with its presence in 30 countries. The company partners with big automotive manufacturers and provides solutions for smart mobility with particular focus on reducing carbon dioxide emission and developing intuitive driving. Not only that, it also provides spare parts to automotive manufacturers and independent aftermarket companies. The company extensively invests in technology and human capital so that customers are provided with innovative products and smart solutions that help in making the world a better place to live in. the company is a strong advocate and follower of green technology whereby it provides solutions that give sustainable advantage to environment and society. The company develops comfort and driving assistance systems, power-train systems, visibility systems and thermal systems. Apart from this, it also has repair and maintenance service units located globally.

AutoplusDubai, a leading aftermarket company has a wide range of best quality automotive brands. Customers appreciate this feature of AutoplusDubai the most that they can do one stop shopping at AutoplusDubai. Valeo products are also available at AutoplusDubai.