Sun Timing Belts

USHIO industries Ltd. was formed in Japan in 1970 as an exporter of automotive parts. The company’s product line is based on automotive engine parts. The most well known brand of the company is the Sun Automotive Timing Belt. The company realizes how important it is to have a well functioning, safe and good quality automotive belt for the superior performance of engine. If engine runs smooth only then the car shall have a good drive. Hence, Sun timing belts never let down their customers as they have an experience of over 40 years in this category and fully understand the ever changing dynamics of automobile industry and respond to them ahead of time. The products are provided at reasonable price. Various grade belts are available for various engine types and specifications.

AutoplusDubai, a renowned aftermarket company satisfies its customers with its wide range of competitive auto part brands. Sun timing belts are also stocked at AutoplusDubai.