Shipping Information

Shipping & Delivery

1. Cost of delivery

Shipping cost is not included in the cost of spare parts at the beginning of placing the order. Knowing the approximate size and weight of ordered parts (all of them, as possible, will compactly packed in minimum number of packages). Pre-delivery cost you can calculate using this calculator.
Cost for delivery will be charged from your account when your entire order will be assembled, packaged, weighed and measured. You will be notified by e-mail with information about your parcel.
If you do not find your country in the calculator, please contact by mail to us . You can also visit our shipping charges page below to see all the rates.
Your parcel shall not exceed the weight of 31.5 kg and dimensions of 105cm x 60cm x 60cm. If your order exceeds these requirements, it will be broken into smaller parcels and will be sent to you..

2.Term of delivery

Terms of delivery to your country consists of:

Delivery from the original stock to the our buffer stock located anywhere, in days, are shown in Price on-line. Terms of delivery are approximated.
Delivery from our buffer stock to Your address – depends of delivery method You’ve chosen when ordered: “Regular” or “Express”. Depends of that, and geographic location your country, it can be from 3 days to 2 months.

3. Methods of delivery

At the moment we are working with companies such as FEDEX and DHL EMPOST AND TNT.
For the complete shipping rates please click here for our Shipping rates section.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions related to the delivery of spare parts.

1. How much is shipping parcels 300g to my country?

If the length of the parcel up to 0.5 meters. If the longest side does not exceed the length of 1.05 m and the cost of sending up to $ 100, the shipping charges will be 14.99 (calculator see paragraph 1). If the value exceeds $ 100 is the rate of sending $ 20 + $ 9 per kg (calculator see paragraph

2. In my country, there are customs restrictions on the value of incoming parcels, if you can send my load by several parcels?

Yes we can. Please let us know before shipping to heading responsible for you expert and he will make shipment according to your requirements.

3. In my country, there are restrictions on the value of incoming parcels and the price of parts is greater than this limit. What can you advise.

Contact your responsible specialist and it will help you to carry out delivery with minimal costs.

4. I’m waiting for some parts from different regions and want, what would you have sent them in one package to reduce the cost of the shipment. Is it possible? How much is a consolidation of cargo.

Yes. In the settings of your account select “Do not send. Waiting for whole order” It will be after the arrival of all your parts only, than shipping will be formed. Consolidation of cargo in our company is absolutely free. Additionally, it may be charged the cost of packaging.

5. I want to have all of it in the original packaging, as in the future, I plan to sell the auto parts to the buyer. Is that possible?

Yes. But it is better to focus on this to your specialist because By default we try to reduce the shipping cost to you and consolidate all parts that they occupy the minimum volume and weight. Usually the original packaging is retained and sent inside the parcel.

6. I want to have your company sends parts once the item reaches you in the warehouse?

In your profile checkbox use mark “Send”. And as soon as the item will arrive to our warehouse we will send it immediately.

7. Length of my spare 1.45 m, can I send it by regular mail ?

No. This will be sent by mail with their commercial rates.

8. Length of my parts 1.45 m, and I looked in my country there are restrictions on the admission of parcels of such length. How do I get it?

Look at the main commercial postal operators DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, and if anyone of them offers the possibility of delivery your parts, let us know and we will send them.

9. My country does not accept parcel with auto parts longer than 1.05 m. How do I get it?

One of decision – see the neighboring countries and if there are no restrictions, we can ship to your preferred address.

10. When you register on your site, I have the name and address, but I would want that you sent to my wife / brother / friend who lives at a different address. Can you do it?

Yes. Tell your specialist, and he will send the parcel to your desired recipient.

11. I want to make a gift for someone else, if you can send the parcel to him?

Yes. Tell your specialist, and he will send the parcel to your desired recipient.

12. Will be assign a parcel tracking number and where can I trace it?

Yes, parcels have a tracking number. You can track them on universal parcel tracking services . Also on the website of the postal operator of the country

13. There is a track number, but it does not provide relevant information and I do not understand where is my package.

The urgency of providing information depends on the quality and efficiency of the postal operators. Unfortunately, information is not always paid on time. Wait a few days and sending data certainly appear.

14. I want to order spare parts, but I have given several components Shipping. What is the reason?

The cost of spare parts is formed of several components. The price of parts, plus shipping parts to our logistics warehouse (see. Tariffs) and the cost of sending directly to the buyer. Rates listed above.

15. I ordered the spare part, but your company reports that sending mail is not possible or is very expensive. Why did you sell it to me? How do I get it?

Yes it is possible. As a rule, such a situation is possible when ordering large parts (bumpers, fenders, glass) or parts as prohibited goods at the country of the recipient. We make every effort that would have such parts were not available to order, as well as in the processing of orders by our staff. But because our price list more than 38 million parts and a large number of orders is not possible to trace all. Such parts Our company can send only as commercial cargo, which entails increasing the cost.

16. I am a wholesale buyer and want to get the 10 bumper and 10 small parts. What is the shipping cost to my warehouse?

We can send the parts as commercial cargo, and can be sent as a private dispatch. You need to ask the manager assigned to you and it will be calculate the optimal postage.

17. Weight of my parcel 22 kg, and you have shown rates of up to 20 kg. Can you send a package and how much does it cost?

If your country does not have weight restrictions on receiving parcels, we will certainly be able to send the parcel. Cost is calculated on request.

18. My country is not in the list of countries where you send the parcel. This means that you do not send me a spare part?

We ship spare parts to anywhere in the world! If your country is not listed in the list, look at the rates of your nearest country and it can navigate on the shipping cost.

Shipping Rates

Terms and Conditions

Above Rates are in UAE currency Dirhams (AED). Rates in USD or Euro will be applicable based on current exchange .
Above Prices Doesn’t include 15 percent Fuel Surcharge by Carrier
Rates are further subject to 10 percent Clearance charges and 200 AED for documentation
Cash on delivery shipments are not allowed.
Dangerous goods and IATA restricted goods are not allowed.
Rates/charges will be on actual weight, whichever is higher.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Rates/charges are excludes Custom duties, custom storage or any other incidental taxes etc to be charged to consignee.