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Six Ways You May be Damaging Your Car

Six Ways You May be Damaging Your Car

A car needs special care. When you buy your dream car, you want to ensure that it performs at its best otherwise it could turn into a nightmare. Many motorists do not take time to consider how to enhance the longevity of their car. Here are six things that you may be doing that could damage your car leading to high auto repair costs.

  1. Not paying attention to check engine light: The check engine light is an indicator that lights on the dash when there is engine-related problems. For the check engine light to appear, there must be a serious problem that needs to be attended immediately. Most auto parts shops have technicians who have the equipment to read this indicator. If you ignore the check engine light, you may be forced to do engine repairs that could be costly.
  • Ignoring regular change of fluids: Your car cannot maintain itself. Car fluids such as engine oil, radiator fluid, and brake fluid should be checked and replaced regularly. Engine fluids help prevent any damage or wear of the engine that can cost you expensive auto repairs later. You should note that auto spare parts shops sell these fluids and will help you change the easily.  
  • Failure to take care of the tires:Without your tires, your car cannot function as expected. Car tires need to be examined for inflation and also tread depth. If you don’t inflate tires as per the manufacturer instructions, you will find yourself needing replacement tires often. Poorly maintained tires means poor car performance and a safety risk for you.
  • Ignoring service schedule: You should follow manufacturer’s service schedule. Many auto parts experience wear and tear overtime and servicing your car ensures that you do not drive with damaged parts. Damaged or faulty parts could lead to more serious problems that require costly repairs later on. Ensure you have a mechanic you trust who can service your car regularly. If repairs are needed, a genuine auto spare parts shop can provide the necessary OEM parts for your car to ensure optimal performance.
  • Not washing your car: There are drivers who go for months without washing the car. This leads to buildup of dirt and destructive chemicals increasing the risk for rust because of road salt. Your car needs cleaning to avoid such corrosion because it interferes with visibility. You may find that your windshield is not clear as it was when the car was new. Don’t damage your windshield and overall appearance of your car because you failed to visit a car wash regularly.  
  1. Rough driving: If you are one of those rough drivers, you may be slowly killing your car. Hitting potholes carelessly, stopping abruptly, hitting the breaks constantly, and overloading your car are some of the ways you can damage the car. You need to take care of your car the way you take care of other valuable items. Otherwise, in the end, you may always have to content with expensive auto parts repairs.

You can ensure longevity, improved performance, and safety of your car by taking care of it. If you don’t, your car is bound to wear and tear quickly requiring expensive auto parts repairs and replacement.