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Why The Traction Control Light May be Coming On

Why The Traction Control Light May be Coming On

Modern cars are designed with an integrated traction
control system (TCS) that helps the driver maintain control and stability while
driving in case the car loses grip or skids. Your car’s TCS can detect when the
wheel loses traction and a warning is sent to the dashboard cluster. Loss of
traction is a problem that can occur because of various reasons. You need to
ensure that you know when you may need to visit an auto parts shop for checkup
in case your TCS warns you of a problem. Here are reasons why the traction
control light is coming on.

Damaged Wheel Speed Sensors

Your car is fashioned with wheel speed sensors that
connect to the TCS and the engine control unit. The sensors detect the speed of
the wheel when the car is in motion. If for any reason the rotation of the
wheels suddenly changes, the wheel speed sensor detects the change and notifies
the TCS. If the wheel speed sensors are damaged, the TSC does not get the
message. You will notice the traction control coming on because your car loses
traction. A genuine spare parts store can easily replace these sensors and deal
with the problem.

Weather Conditions

If you are driving when the weather conditions are
bad, you may notice the traction control light comes on. Bad weather conditions
include driving on ice, snow, heavy rain, and storms. Adverse weather
conditions makes it difficult for the vehicle to maintain traction on the road.
Sadly, in such cases, nothing much can be done and it is best to park your car
until the weather clears. You will notice that once the weather clears, the
traction control lights goes off and you are safe to drive.

within the Anti-Lock Braking System

In many cars, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and
the TCS share the same internal control system. In such cases, when the ABS is
faulty, the traction control lights may come on as an indication of a problem.
The ABS is one of the critical auto parts and if it is damaged, you want to
have it fixed immediately. It is the system that ensures that your wheels do
not lock when you apply the brakes risking damage to the car while also preventing
the car from skidding. If the ABS is the problem, a genuine spares parts store
can get it fixed and the traction control light should go off.

Problem within the TCS

Sometimes, the traction control light comes on if the
TCS computer system is faulty. This should be checked by a professional after
all the external causes have been ruled out. A technician should check the
computer system to ensure that it is communicating effectively with other auto
parts. The problem can be solved easily by reprogramming the system. Certified
auto spare parts dealers and shops have the tools for testing and

You should always ensure that if you are not driving
in bad weather but the lights keeps coming on, the TCS should be examined by a
professional. Auto Plus Dubai has technicians and tools to help address auto
parts problems such as the TCS system. Auto Plus provides OEM genuine spare
parts to enhance car performance and safety