Ctr Auto Parts

CTR is located in South Korea from where it supplies 2700 items to customers globally. The company specializes in steering and suspension parts. Vast network of CTR’s customers stretches over 60 countries making it a truly global giant. Its production and delivery processes are extremely customer-centric and integrated at every stage of the business value chain. That is why the company has earned itself many supplier awards. Not only that, it partners with some of the biggest names in the automobile industry which adds to its credibility and reliability. Like many other highly competitive brands AutoplusDubai provides with, CTR auto parts also relies on AutoplusDubai to deliver its commitment of superior performing auto parts. Its high quality innovative products never fail to please its customers and dealers such as AutoplusDubai . CTR develops mutually satisfying profitable relationship with all its dealers such as the AutoplusDubai which keeps its dealers happy to stock its products.