KYB Shock Absorbers

In 1919, this multinational giant was founded as Kayaba Research Centre in Japan. In 2005 the company came to be officially known as KYB. Dedicated to innovative engineering and manufacturing, this company is world’s biggest supplier of shocks and struts for auto producers and the aftermarket. The production network of 32 facilities is spread over 21 countries all over the world including Japan, United States and Europe. This global giant has annual sales of more than $3.8 billion. The company boasts to have production volume which is largest for any automotive shock absorber producer in the globe. Its diverse supply network allows it to develop strategic alliance with some of the biggest auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, GM, Chrysler and many more. Likewise it has association with top category aftermarket companies such as AutoplusDubai. With 30 years in the business and clearly leading the market in terms of sales and customer satisfaction, AutoplusDubai does not compromise in delivering excellence to its customers and stocks world class brands that their customers require.