Mitsuboshi Power Transmission Belts

The company was founded in 1919 in Japan. The company manufactures many high technology products such as power transmission belts and related products, conveyor belts and systems, engineering plastics and structural foam and many other products. It is an extremely vast and diverse company. It has operation facilities and offices all over Japan. Its overseas network includes regions like Asian market, North American and Europe markets. The company is famous for its superior hi-tech products like V-ribbed belt, raw edge v-belt, timing belt, variable speed belt and accessory drive system. It has added new products such as prime stars to its product line. The company is a very socially and environmentally responsible company. It engages in initiatives like Green Procurement, developing eco-friendly products and imparting environmental education. Not only that, the company is focused on satisfying its customers by supplying superior quality products. AutoplusDubai also supplies the high quality products manufactured by Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd. AutoplusDubai is also focused on attaining high levels of customer satisfaction, thereby developing long term mutually satisfying relationships with customers.