Rbi Rubber Parts

The Rubber Intertrade Company Ltd. has been serving the automotive industry for over four decades. It is successfully satisfying its customers worldwide with its popularly known brand, “RBI”. The brand is trusted by customers all over for its outstanding quality, durability and safety feature. Not only that, the company vows to continually upgrade its production and develop even better work standard whereby customers are provided with reliable products that are sustainable as well. The range of products produced by the company include center bearing, steering gear boot, arm bushing, suspension bushing, insulator engine, shock absorbers mounting and much more. These premium products are manufactured along state of the art production lines. RBI also allows customers to make best decision in terms of money as the brand is high quality and offered at affordable price. AutoplusDubai is a very big name in the category of automotive aftermarket. It supplies brands that are of superior quality such as RBI. AutoplusDubai is well equipped with top brands from all over the world that show excellent performance in automotive aftermarket.