Tongyang Group

The Tongyang group was established in 1952 in South Korea. The company specializes in the production of automotive plastics, motorcycle plastics, sheet metal and cooling products and molds and paints. The company incorporates high technology and makes use of the best production equipment such as Bell Electrostatic Painting and Automatic Chrome Painting Lines to give state of the art output. Its sheet metal products are produced over fully automatic production lines. Its cooling products include high performing condensers, aluminum radiators and cooling fan assemblies. Tooling development product line includes bumper covers, dashboards, front and rear panels and many others. The company provides top class paints and its services in automotive category. Its manufacturing plants are spread all over the world, namely in Taiwan, China and Europe. The company is extremely focused on encouraging creativity, honesty and Enthusiasm among its workers so as to deliver the best of the output to its customers. AutoplusDubai , a big name in the automotive aftermarket category, supplies products of the Tongyang Group, for AutoplusDubai just like the Tongyang Group aims to deliver the best to its customers.