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Car enthusiasts in UAE often choose to buy used cars, as the vehicles are usually well-maintained and available at affordable prices. In fact, according to data provided by the founder and managing director of (RSU) Road Safety, UAE, around 78.1 percent of UAE residents prefer to buy second-hand cars. However, buying a used car involves several risks regarding its condition and how well the previous owner treated it. Therefore it is crucial to check several factors before making a deal.

Go through the checklist below before pre-owned car from Cars 24 to ensure you make the right deal.

But, before we get into the detail, let’s take a quick glance at the different things you would want to consider before taking that leap.

  1. Car’s Age and Warranty: because you wouldn’t to be spilling money on maintenance and repairs.
  2. Interior and Exterior: because aesthetics matter as much as the condition of electronic equipments and other parts.
  3. VIN/Chassis Number: because the VIN can get you a detailed record or history of the  car.
  4. Mechanical Faults: because the car’s engine, battery, and transmission are the vital organs of a car.
  5. Car Milegae: because you would only want a car that travels farther and costs lesser.
  6. Take a Test Drive: because test driving a car would help you understand the synchrony of the crucial elements of the car.
  7. Leak Test: because an engine vacuum leak can cause the engine to lag in acceleration, stutter, or even stall.

Now, let’s dive deeper in understanding these things in detail.

  1. Car’s Age & Warranty

It is necessary to check the car’s age and warranty, especially when buying a pre-owned vehicle. Since used cars start misbehaving after several years, you may require to invest money in their maintenance and repairs. Make sure you avoid purchasing a car more than five years old. Also, if you have enough budget, consider a relatively new car with a warranty.

You can get such vehicles at competitive rates in pristine condition. Buying a car with warranties also lets you get a transparent record of the car’s service history. Conversely, if you opt for a vehicle without proper insurance, take it to an auto shop and inspect it thoroughly. It can help you determine if the price the seller mentioned is worth it.

  1. Interior and Exterior

The way your car appears to everybody affects its resale value. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect the car’s interior and exterior. You can start by examining the upholstery and ensuring there is no exterior damage, which is professionally repaired and that the results are not visible.

It is also advisable to hire an experienced mechanic to check under the vehicle’s hood for any potential damage or mechanical problems you might not notice. Smell the interior to check if there is smoke or flood damage, and ensure the seats are in good condition and the other electronics, such as the music system, Bluetooth, and air conditioning, are in good condition.

Another critical thing to do when buying a used car is to check for exterior body damage.

For instance, if you see that the paint on the door differs from the rest, it has been replaced. Also, avoid buying a car with significant scratches and rusty spots on its body.

Inspect the tires to check their condition because a vehicle with uneven tire tread and wear often leads to poor wheel alignment. You must also check the body panel alignment. Make sure the doors, hood and trunk are all correctly aligned. If the car’s body is damaged, ensure the seller gets all the problems fixed before you buy the vehicle.

  1. VIN/Chassis Number

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) lets you identify the car’s brand, manufacturing location, date and model. When considering multiple reasons, it is advisable to check the VIN or chassis number when buying a used car in the UAE and ensure that it matches all the documents.

The chassis number provides a complete history of the vehicle you are about to buy. You need to enter the number on the official EVG website, RTA website, Ministry of Interior Website or Abu Dhabi Police website, and you can get an extensive record of the car’s history.

  1. Mechanical Faults

Since buying a car is a significant investment, no one would ever prefer a car with faulty transmission and engine problems. Ensure you go under the hood and look for mechanical faults before purchasing a vehicle. Inspect the car engine, battery, and transmission and check the fluid’s color. It should be pink or red, but the car transmission can be faulty if it looks burnt or smells bad.

The same applies to the engine. Make sure the engine fluids don’t leak because a car with a defective engine may require replacement. If you want to inspect the vehicle, you can approach us at Cars24 for a pre-purchase inspection and buy the used car without stress.

  1. Car Mileage

Amidst all the scrutiny, one thing that buyers often overlook is the used car’s mileage. Good mileage for a pre-owned vehicle is as essential as getting a low-cost deal. To determine the car’s mileage, you need to check its odometer as it records the wheels’ rotations and multiplies them by the circumference of the wheels. If the vehicle has a mileage of under 130,000 km, you can proceed with the buying process.

However, if it is more than that, it’s best to go for another used car model because the performance of any car that has driven over 130,000 km will be below average. A vehicle with fewer kilometers driven often lasts longer and requires fewer repairs.

If you want accurate information:

  • Avoid buying cars with wheel modifications.
  • Remember that the vehicle’s mileage varies depending on many factors, like the car’s age, driving conditions, overloading, driving style or faulty engines.
  • Before you decide on any used car to purchase, check its history and mileage.
  1. Take a Test Drive

One of the many advantages of taking a test drive of a car is that you get a fair idea about its running condition and driving performance. Since the engine and transmission are the two crucial components in the vehicle, you understand its exact working need only after a test drive. Make sure you drive the car on both the highway and city road so that you can understand how the car shifts, reacts to turns, speeds up and brakes. If the engine sounds smooth, consider buying that car.

  1. Leak Test

If the vehicle leaks, this is a red flag for repairs. Ensure you perform a leak test and check below and near the engine to see any visible leaks. To perform a leak test, pull over the car on the side of the road while driving and let the car run for 30 seconds, then check below it to see if there is any leakage.

Adding all the above factors to your checklist can help you evaluate all your options and purchase a vehicle that suits your needs and budget. If you wish to learn more about how to buy a used car or check the car’s accident history, feel free to contact us at CARS24. We are a fully licensed car buying and selling platform in the UAE that can help you fulfill your used car-related requirements.


  1. How can I check a used car’s accident history in the UAE?

You can quickly check the accident history for a used car online. For EVG (Emirates Vehicle Gate), visit the link and tap ‘Traffic Accident Management’ to add the chassis number. Once you add VIN or Chassis number, it will show you the complete accident details of the car, including date, time and place.

  1. What should be the best mileage of a used car?

The average mileage for a pre-owned car in the UAE should be 10 000 to 15,000 kilometers per year. But if the car is five years old, the mileage should be between 60,000 to 70,000. So if you want to purchase a used car in the UAE, ensure you look for one less than five years old.

  1. What are the top fuel-efficient used cars in the UAE?

The most reliable used cars in the UAE are Mitsubishi Mirage, Toyota Yaris, Peugeot 208, Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion and Mazda 3. The mileage of all these cars may vary according to their size, condition and type of transmission. However, you can choose a model according to your budget and requirements.

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