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All You Need To Know About Replacing Your Headlights

All You Need To Know About Replacing Your Headlights

Headlights are essential for best car performance.  Many people rarely think of them until they’re completely gone. If you find yourself driving in conditions that need clear headlights and you did not pay attention to yours, it can become disheartening. While headlights last for years, overtime they may go out or dim endangering road safety. These tips are useful to help you determine when to visit your auto spare parts dealer to have your headlights bulbs replaced.

Why You Should Replace Headlights

The obvious indication for headlights that need replacement is dim or burned out bulbs. Dimming and burned out headlight bulbs decrease visibility when it is dark or when weather conditions change. You may find yourself fined heavily if local authorities find you driving with dim or a burned out headlight. Ask a genuine auto spare parts dealer to check if your lights are dimming or if you have stayed with them for a long time. 

When Is It Time to Replace Your Headlights

Factory-installed headlights bulbs often possess the same life expectancy. This means that when one fades out or burns, the other headlight bulb will likely follow suit. When you find you need to replace one, ask your auto spares dealer to replace both of them. This can save you the trouble of coming back in a few days or weeks. Today, most cars have a single bulb that provides the high and low beams. So you it means replacing the two bulbs to ensure proper visibility when driving.

Types of Headlights Available

Most vehicles are fitted with specific standard headlights. In order to choose the best that suits your needs, you should be familiar with all types of bulbs.

  • Halogen – Halogen bulbs are made using tungsten-halogen filament that is combines with halogen gas. The combination allows them to produce brighter light compared to traditional headlights.
  • LED – The benefit of choosing LEDs is that they use less power compared to halogen. They are also cooler when running and their lifespan is longer than halogens. For this reason, they are highly priced.
  • Xenon/Hid – These bulbs do not have a heated filament and instead they are designed with gas. Their advantage is that they are brighter, can operate at lower temperature, and they are durable. Xenon/HID are the most expensive compared to the other two options discussed. You need a professional mechanic or auto spares dealer to install Xenon/HID headlights. 

What Headlights Should You Choose For Your Car

Use your car manufacture’s manual to determine the right headlights to install in your car. For best results, you need advice from a genuine auto spare parts dealer to guide you on what to choose. You need to consider things such as brightness, color temperature, as well as price. Most vehicles come fitted with the standard halogen bulbs. For car owners who need better visibility and quality, they turn to Xenon and LED bulbs.

Consulting with an auto parts mechanic is always advisable when changing headlights. Auto Plus Dubai offers original (OEM) parts for all your car needs. Having been in business for more than 15 years, you can be assured that you will get headlights that work best for your needs.