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BMW 8 series 2019, What is the Performance and How it runs?

BMW 8 series 2019, What is the Performance and How it runs?

The 8 series is supposed to be Pinnacle of the BMW range, so does it feel suitably special enough compared to normal BMWs to warrant that and we think yes it does just about. It doesn’t have the pizzazz of a Mercedes S class coupe but it is still pretty nice and we will tell you all about it in this.


It comes with a 4.4 liter 4395cc BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with xDrive and intelligent all-wheel drive which produces 523 bhp at 5500-6000 and 553Nm of torque @1800-4600.

The new 8 series gets M-Sport upgrade on it and you get m sport steering wheel, M-Sports seatbelts and many more functions that you get in M-Sport. 8 series gets the latest version of BMWs iDrive and ambient lighting, adaptive dampers, steering wheel mounted paddle shifters and launch control and many more functions comes as standard in 8 series.

The 8 series has 8 speed sport automatic transmission with sport and manual shift modes.


  1. There’s quite a little space in the back of the car which is not suitable for adults and is quite less than you get in a Mercedes S-class coupe.
  2. The satellite-nav may have live traffic updates but it’s not always the smartest one when it comes to picking the best route.
  3. The car comes with a digital key which can be connected with an android phone only which is quite ironic because the iDrive only supports Apple carplay and not android auto.
  4. Makes weird noise when it accelerates. It sounds like a V8 petrol but you get artificial sounds from the car’s speakers.
  5. Really big heads up display which is nice and big and clear which shows stuffs such as speed limit, directions and if you are in sports mode a rev counter for the engine.
  6. High definition surround view cameras.
  7. Accord reversing assistant.
  8. Rear wheel steering. The back wheels turns in the opposite direction to the front wheels when you are driving slowly and that helps low speed maneuverability. When you go faster the back wheels turns in the same direction as the front wheels to aid high speed stability.
  9. The optional laser headlights are twice as bright as normal headlights and they can shine up to 600meters down the road.
  10. Active cruise control uses the sat-nav to see if there’s a bend in the road and decides if the car needs to slow down, look the feet aren’t touching the pedals, keeps you at the safe distance from the car in the front and side.
  11. Adaptive dampers suspensions as standard but it is not as good as you get in a Mercedes S-class coupe as it has air suspensions.
  12. It has plastic switches, not metals switches just like you get in Mercedes S-class coupe.
  13. Seats themselves are very comfortable and you can adjust them for lumbar support as well and stretch out the base for more under leg support, comfy on long journeys.
  14. 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and with a top speed of 155 mph which is electronically limited to 130 mph.

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