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Fuel Pumps-Common Causes and how to Identify it

Fuel Pumps-Common Causes and how to Identify it

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Many people assume that of all auto parts, the engine is the most important. But you should know that without a fuel pump to complete its function, the engine is of no use. The role of the fuel pump is to pump the fuel that is stored in its tank to the engine. A malfunctioning pump is a serious risk to the performance and safety of your car. You need to know the signs of a faulty fuel pump so that you can have an auto spare parts dealer help you find a replacement.  

The Car Jerks or Suppers at High Speeds

You may notice that after driving a few miles in high speed, the car begins to jerk or sputter before it goes back to normal. Note that this is one of the signs of a malfunctioning fuel pump. The jerking occurs because the pump fails to deliver a consistent flow of fuel into the engine causing air to enter the engine instead of fuel. Such interruptions cause the engine to miss a number of power strokes and hence, the jerking. You may assume the jerking is caused by a dirty gas but with the way modern fuel pumps are designed, the pump is likely the problem. You may need a professional technician and genuine auto spare parts dealer to help rectify the problem.

The Car Loses Its Power When Accelerating

When accelerating from a stop, you may notice that the car keeps losing power. Note that when accelerating, the car requires more fuel and this requires the fuel pump to pump harder. If the pump is malfunctioning, it becomes a challenge to keep up with the increased demand. You need to have a technician determine the level of damage in the fuel pump and make repairs. If the damage is immense and the car stalls when you try to accelerate from a stop, you may have to go to an auto parts shop for a new fuel pump.

Car Loses Power Suddenly When Under Stress

Activities such as climbing a hill or carrying heavy load put extra stress on the engine. The engine requires more fuel to perform effectively. If the fuel pump is damaged, it is unable to keep up with the demand. When the car is under stress, it becomes difficult for the engine to work effectively when it is not getting sufficient fuel. If you find that the car loses power under such stress, you need to find a genuine spare parts shop for a replacement.

Engine Surge

When the engine fuel starts to malfunction, its various parts often wear out at varied intervals. If the mismatch is significant, the fuel lines experience inconsistency. In such conditions, you may be driving the car for a few minutes and suddenly it powerfully moves forward even without pressing the gas pedal. Auto parts dealers are familiar with such problems and can help you find an original fuel pump to avoid putting yourself and the vehicle at risk.

Car Won’t Start

When the fuel pump is completely damaged, it can be one of the reasons the engine refuses to start. Of course, there are many reasons why the engine may refuse to start.

What Can You Do

  • Let your car be examine by a professional repair shop
  • Don’t drive your car if it is experiencing any of these signs
  • Auto Plus Dubai can help you acquire OEM Auto genuine spare parts at affordable prices to help you replace the damaged fuel pump