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How Do You Maintain Your Car Battery?

How Do You Maintain Your Car Battery?

A car battery is critical for proper functioning of your vehicle. While people rarely remember their battery cars, it presence is felt the moment you turn on the engine and you realize it’s dead. That’s when you agree that you should have been more careful about your battery. If you find yourself stranded because of problems with your battery, you probably have not been taking care of it. Maintaining your car through regular checkups with your mechanic or your genuine spare parts dealer is essential. Use the following guidelines to keep your car battery in top notch condition.

Regularly Drive Your Car

You probably are already doing this. Keeping the car running regularly ensures that the battery is always charged. This is good for the health of the battery. If you are not around to drive your car often, the battery is likely to get damaged. In situations where you have travelled or you cannot be around to drive your car, ensure that you get someone to start it at least once a week. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking for your auto spare parts dealer to replace the battery.

Regular Car Servicing

Servicing your car according to the manufacturer’s schedule is important. The car battery can get damaged if your engine is not working properly. The damage on the engine eventually gets transferred to the battery.

Inspect the Battery Voltage Regularly

To check your car’s voltage, you will need to take your car to a mechanic or your auto spare parts shop for testing. The car needs to be checked for charge and voltage. If the voltage is not to its right quantity, your auto parts dealer will check it for you and use the right products to ensure optimal functioning of your battery. You should be aware that if the voltage of your battery is below 12.5, it should not be tested until it has received a full charge. Otherwise it can get permanent damage. Auto Plus Dubai will do for you these quick tests to improve your car performance.  

Keep It Clean

You should ensure that the case for your battery is clean to avoid loss of charge. Check that your case and terminals do not have dirt around them. If you find corrosion or acid at the terminals of the battery, use water to clean and use grease to cover it to prevent a reoccurrence. You can have a genuine spare parts dealer clean and grease the terminals for you.

Secure the Battery properly

The battery should always be secured in the engine bay at all times. If it is not tightly secure, vibration can cause it to loosen and damage the battery plates. If vibrations loosen your terminal, the battery will shut down.

Replace the Battery every 3 to 5 Years

On average the battery last 3-5 years. However, this depends on your driving, weather conditions in your location, and whether you practice good habits in maintaining your battery. All the same, it is unavoidable your battery will die at some point. Auto Plus Dubai provides high quality original manufacturer batteries to ensure high performance of your car.