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How the Launch Control Works of a Car?

How the Launch Control Works of a Car?

What is Launch Control?

Launch control is nothing but a powerful electronic mechanism that allows your car to kick off with maximum torque and performance from the go line.

Launch control has become more prominent in high performance cars now a days. Auto manufacturers from Audi, Mercedes to Renault, Toyota and Honda have
launch control in their cars.

Not every car comes with a launch control but you can make almost any car behave like it has the characteristics of a launch control. More on that later but first let’s address our question of the day which is how launch control works.

How launch control works

When you select launch control in your cars it activates an Electronic Aid System which is calibrated to deliver maximum acceleration and torque possible. Engine revolution is limited to 3500-4000 rpm and transmission is set to deliver maximum torque. The point may be noted here that dual clutch transmissions provide better power delivery and heat dissipation than single clutch transmissions.

Clutch is prepared to handle maximum power and torque delivery. Delivering this much power in a short span of time creates a problem of its own which is wheels spin too fast and lose traction, hence all the power delivered is lost in a matter of seconds.

To overcome this problem automotive engineers uses a system which is there in almost every single car on the road. The ABS system. ABS is computed with the launch control system and it limits the spinning speed of wheels and do not let them lose traction.

Let’s go a little deep into this system and understand how this actually works? Suppose you have set your car on launch control mode and it is all ready to release the power to the wheels. You lift your leg up from the brake pedal and power is transmitted to wheels and the start to revolve too fast at stand still and loses their traction, before they can actually get the car moving and there you lost it all.

You lost that crucial second which would have been the difference between the first and the last position if you were in a track race.

To overcome this problem we use ABS computation that limits the revolving speed of wheels which are slipping on the maximum torque delivery. This allows you to save that split second difference and also keeps traction in control.

How to use Launch Control?

There you have it in layman language how a launch control works. Now don’t worry if your car doesn’t have a launch control you can make your car behave like one. It won’t be as good as a car which already has one but it will be satisfactory enough. Now this is what you have to do, Step into your cars, start the ignition on and put you transmission on manual mode if it is an automatic transmission. You can also choose your automatic transmission but a manual control over your transmission gives better experience.

Put your foot on brake pedal and hit it hard and keep it down, and put your right foot on the accelerator pedal and take that rpm to 3500-4000. Now whenever you are ready let go of the brake pedal.

A point to keep in mind here is to keep traction control or EDS in off mode if your car has one. This should give you a feel of launch control. Now that you have learned about launch control, in case you need genuine aftermarket car parts visit our auto parts spare shop in dubai.