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How To Identify Toyota Genuine Spare Parts Dubai From Fake

How To Identify Toyota Genuine Spare Parts Dubai From Fake

With the trend of many automotive service centers using fake parts, preventive maintenance will no longer be useful soon. Even though rough driving and car aging could be liable for the need for regular replacement, the repair works are necessary. The process is not cheap and thus forces your services provider to try cutting corners to reduce the total costs. For you to avoid the risks, car owners not only need to understand the components but also determine whether only Toyota genuine spare parts Dubai are used or not. Honestly, there is a huge difference between a fake and original product, and you must tackle the problem well. Check out how.

1. Logo use

Every Toyota manufacturer provides OEM parts meant only for your car. The brands are new, unused, and high-quality with the original logos created on all the components. But fraudsters make false plastic covers and releases to the markets for the innocent buyers. Well, the products result in many security issues regarding the material used, design, performance, and above all safety. Of course, you cannot compare the quality of what the originals offer. The fakes do not undergo any testing and so do not meet the changing market standards. Despite the full range of types, the problem is that the inferior parts are the wrong choice.

2. Social networks awareness

The carmaker Toyota is troubled with the growing counterfeit parts and continue to carry out many real-time tests. The results of comparisons between the functionality of genuine parts and the imitations get posted on channels like YouTube. For instance, the driving efficiency of fake components reduces making the car’s performance to be slow. In real-life situations, the vehicle can crash to other oncoming cars or even road users. The test videos reveal the way the copy component versions exhibit reduced durability levels unlike the original. In the end, if you fail to notice any issue immediately the car’s system becomes defective and finally lead to the onset of severe problems.

3. Tracking tools

The manufacturers additionally backup the consumer education approach with the use of latest technology. Also, cooperation with global law execution agencies helps to fight fake spare parts. Buyers can today rely on the provided anti-fake scratch cards which come along with all the products. With this, customers can immediately tell if the purchased spare parts are genuine or not. Although producers sometimes share similar serialization, the tools help many consumers to decipher real from fake easily. The investment helps to build over time trust and reliability to every business.

4.  Accessibility

The other worrying issue and quick way to tell fake part is the ease of availability through internet platforms. Well, the use of the internet has many conveniences to consumers, but the truth is millions of counterfeit products are found here yearly. Nearly several clients pay half the charges of genuine products for such faulty ones thinking it is the best deal ever. The results while on the road are not always pleasing.

Finally, the increase in car repair bills makes several car owners to justify the decision to purchase fake components. The reality is currently, no one is not aware of the potential issues surrounding the use of counterfeit. Besides the safety issues, AutoPlus is keen on providing every consumer with Toyota genuine spare parts Dubai. After all, it is your car to be serviced, and so you have a right to get the best without compromising the quality.