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Important Reminders when Driving in Foggy Weather Conditions

Important Reminders when Driving in Foggy Weather Conditions

Driving under foggy weather can be a daunting task. Fog weather is a challenge even for seasoned drivers. With foggy weather, you face reduced visibility and so it requires you to remain calm and focused on the road at all times. Always remember the wisest driving decision is to avoid being on the road until the fog clears. All the same, circumstances may force you to be on the road or the foggy weather may catch you while already on the road. Use this advice to navigate safety when driving in foggy conditions.

Slow down – Speeding when there is fog is extremely dangerous. When you slow down you can take your time to see where you are going, react to traffic stops, and identify other hazards on the road. If visibility is severely impaired, look for a safe location to park and wait for conditions to improve. When parking or when you park, keep the hazard lights on so that other drivers do not run into you by mistake.

Leave enough room between you and the car in front of you – When visibility is poor, emergency breaking is bound to occur. If you are too close to the other driver and he or she breaks suddenly, you may not have enough time to react.

Use windshield wipers and defrosters effectively – The moist from your car and the ice or cold outside causes a blur on your windshield. Keep the wipers and defrosters running as you drive to clear the moist and ice to enhance visibility.

Turn the heater on – The fog outside often leads to condensation on the inside. When it is foggy, the condensation occurs without a warning. Put on the heater especially the de-misting function to ensure that your windshield is clear all the time. You should check if your heated rear window is also on.

Avoid high beams – Don’t use high-beam headlights when there is fog. Fog is made up of tiny droplets that spread out and create a reflection. Low beams allow the other drivers to see you better and prevent you from burning the eyes of the other drivers. Make sure the taillights are on so that other drivers can see you clearly.

Don’t try to use the lights of the vehicle ahead as your guide – Focusing too much on the vehicle in front can limit your landscape. You may miss other things of the road because of following a narrow patch in front of you.

Remain focused – Resist the urge to start multitasking just because you are slowing down during foggy weather. Keep out all distractions, turn down the radio, and halt all conversations with the other passengers. Keep your focus on the road and roll the windows down to listen to other drivers on the road.

Don’t forget the road conditions – When there is fog, it creates a coating of damp, moist layer on almost everything. This means the road surface is also coated. Drive slowly and calmly because you will not get anywhere trying to over speed.

The most important advice is to use your lights appropriately. If your headlights are not working properly or your fog lights are not okay get in touch with Auto Plus Dubai for genuine auto parts.