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Is It Time To Change Your Auto Spark Plugs

Is It Time To Change Your Auto Spark Plugs

When a car has trouble starting, most drivers look at the battery. While this could be a possibility, you need to check your old or defective spark plugs because they could be the problem. Spark Plugs play a crucial role in your car system and they need to be in excellent condition. If you notice these signs in your car, it is possibly the best time to find a genuine auto spare parts shop to have the spark plugs replaced.

A Warning Engine Light

Damaged spark plugs prompt the engine light to come on or flash. Your engine may misfire prompting this warning and if it is a flashing light, your car at risk of disastrous misfires that can cause damage. Some of the signs to watch out for when there is misfiring spark plugs include irregular power when accelerating, rough idling, and you may also notice increase in exhaust emissions. You should note that engine light can occur because of various issues not only because of a spark plug problem. This is why you need a genuine auto spares part technician to do a thorough check before changing the spark plugs.

The Car Fails To Start Properly

Spark plugs are designed to give the spark necessary to power the engine. When the spark plug is faulty, it becomes difficult to power the engine. If you find that your car keeps stalling when you driving, the spark plugs could be faulty or the wires connecting the spark plugs are damaged. An auto parts dealer recognizes the difference between a spark plug problem and a battery problem. 

The Car Consumes Gas Faster Than Usual

When spark plugs are completely damaged, the car consumes gas faster. Damaged spark plugs cannot burn fuel effectively and so the consumption increases. If you have a misfiring spark plug, you may notice that you keep going to the fuelling station than you usually do. You need a competent technician or a genuine auto parts dealer to help you examine and identify the problem.

Low Acceleration Power

You should be pretty familiar with the acceleration power of your car. If you put your foot down and it feels as if the car is not responding effectively or the response is delayed, you could be having a problem with your spark plugs. Sometimes you may feel as if your car is trying hard to push itself forward. Such ‘sluggishness’ is not normal and you should reach out to your trusted auto spare parts shop or technician to replace the spark plugs. No one enjoys driving a car that seems to drag or gulp the fuel down.

Consider Your Manufacturer’s Specifications

In most cases, following the directions of the manufacturer when it comes to maintenance and servicing, you can keep your car in pretty good condition. Review the guidelines to see when you need to replace the spark plugs. The good thing is that spark plugs are durable and you can go up to 80,000 miles before you change them.

If you don’t have experience changing spark plugs, get your car to a qualified technician. At Auto Plus Dubai, you will get advice and genuine spare parts for your car. You can be sure that the spark plugs you get will help enhance the performance of your car.