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Nissan Makes an Intelligent Choice – Big Name Invests in its 50th Outlet For Pre-Owned Car in Madurai

Nissan Makes an Intelligent Choice – Big Name Invests in its 50th Outlet For Pre-Owned Car in Madurai

Purchasing a pre-used vehicle is a way many people get behind the wheel of luxurious models while saving money than it could be possible to buy a new one. For the drivers looking to get a used Nissan outright in Madurai, the manufacturer today released some good news.  Nissan India, a subsidiary of the Japan-based international auto maker, Nissan Motor Company, today inaugurated the 50th pre-owned car outlet in Madurai. The company has dubbed it Nissan Intelligent Choice, this a real opportunity to provide cash savings to potential buyers and also eliminate the frustrating lease mileage restrictions. The most recent NIC outlet took only fifteen months to get established as an office.

NIC operating in 43 Big cities now, what is the drive?

Many people have the fears of purchasing cars with shadowy past.for that reason, automakers like Nissan made the “certified pre-owned” label. Be sure to find cherry-picked vehicles only with lower mileage, and cleaner history. Additionally, the company offers protection against failings and even potential expensive repairs through the comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. The cars also pass through multipoint checks to diagnose all the systems or parts in need of repairs. The cars certified by Nissan often get sold having three free scheduled inspections and also warranty running for 12 months plus 20,000 KMs.

Customers to interchange their vehicles for an all-new Nissan KICKS

The establishment of NIC aimed to provide the clients with pre-owned cars deals that are reliable and Value For Money. The customers can now exchange any vehicle regardless of its brand for a new Nissan or Datsun including the most recent KICKS. There are guaranteed rigorous and all-inclusive high-quality check processes for the cars to undergo. That is, to be specific a total of 167 inspection points carried out by the company’s technical experts.

During the inauguration, Nissan India’s Sales and Commercial Director, Hardeep Singh Brar, held that there is an increase in consumers for the look and need for decent deals on the used cars. So, this demand remains to be a key contributor to the sectors exponential growth for the past few years. In turn, it was a motivator for them to put the efforts and happily launch the outlet after initiation of the pre-owned car trade in India. This is in line with our strategy to expand the Nissan brand in tier 2 & 3 cities of India. The Madurai outlet will function as a one-stop store for customers seeking high-quality, systematically tested and dependable pre-owned cars for money value. Nissan is strategic about the plans to hit the Tier 1 and 2 auto segment in India. The services planned ultimately positions Nissan India to be the first and one auto manufacturer providing such offers on Pre-Owned cars within India.

Of course, dealers advertise CPO vehicles to be a better choice due to the extended warranty. On the contrary, many auto experts agree that frequently used cars provide better value. Besides, sometimes the unexpected problems rob you of that peace of mind and reduce reliability. But be sure whenever  repairs crop up, contact a certified Nissan spare parts manufacturer in Dubai. For original and genuine vehicle elements, then purchase from AutoPlus and smartly invest.