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Options You Should Consider When Faced with Expensive Car Repairs

Options You Should Consider When Faced with Expensive Car Repairs

If you love driving, there’s probably nothing you hate more than realizing your car needs repairs. This is understandable because repairs are often expensive and time-consuming. It gets worse if you are short of money and cannot pay for the full cost of the repairs. You need to have alternatives to deal with such shortfalls because you still need your car. The good thing is that there are options you can consider when faced with expensive repairs or need to get new auto parts.

Negotiate For the Repairs

If you have a genuine auto parts dealer or a mechanic whom you trust, you can work out some arrangement to get your car fixed. Inquire for discounts or flexible payment plan to pay for the auto repairs. If you are dealing with a mechanic whom you have worked with and built a trusting relationship, finding a good compromise would not be impossible. If you don’t have a genuine spare parts dealer or mechanic to contact, you can look for one where they accept credit cards that set you up for monthly payment plan as opposed to paying a lump sum.

Shop Around For Alternatives

Auto spare parts shops differ. You find some mechanics or auto parts shops are located in high end places where the cost goes high. Some charge per hour while others give work-based estimates. Shop around for what best works for your needs by getting quotes from several auto spare parts shops or mechanics before you settle. You may find that you save yourself a lot of money to cater for all your repairs without having to pay credit. However, it is important to get recommendation from friends or online reviews to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous dealers.

Secure a Personal Loan

If you’re looking to save money, adding more credit card debt may not be the best option. You could benefit by applying for a personal loan from your bank or credit union, or even from an acquaintance or family member. Regardless of where you get your personal loan, ensure you establish a realistic payment plan that allows you to pay up to avoid causing problems in future. You don’t want to end up hurting your credit or worse your relationships.

Sell a personal Item

When in need of some quick cash, look around your home or house for items that you rarely use or need. You can sell these items by doing a garage sale or sell online in websites such as eBay. It may seem odd but selling items you don’t need can help you make some quick bucks. You can find yourself making more than you needed by selling those electronics, clothing, or household items that are lying unused. You can use this money to reach out to a genuine spare parts dealer or mechanic to have you car fully repaired.

Always Consider Approved Auto Repair Shops

Once you have your money, make sure that you get genuine parts for your car. While it can be tempting to buy secondhand or aftermarket auto parts, they may not last long and you may find yourself back with the same problems in a few weeks or months. Consider factory (OEM) genuine parts that enhance the performance of your car. At Auto Plus Dubai, you will find genuine spare parts designed specifically for your car.