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Parts That Most Car Owners Replace On a Regular Basis

Parts That Most Car Owners Replace On a Regular Basis

When you own a car, you will find that car maintenance is very important. But there are certain car parts that are replaced often to ensure proper functionality. All the same, you should know most of these parts somewhat depend on the car make, year, individual driving skills, and also the climatic conditions where the car operates.

You should also note that wear and tear of auto parts is expected. But some auto parts wear because of the kind of driving you do since it determines the rate at which some of the parts wear out. For example, if you are aggressive in driving, your brake pads are likely to wear out faster than that of a person who does normal driving.

Auto Parts Most Replaced

  • Battery

Your car relies on battery to operate major functions such as ignition. Despite your car make, you should expect that the car battery will run for approximately 3-5 years. Of course, the more you drive, the faster it is likely to die. You are likely to notice a dying battery if your car takes longer to start.

  • Oil and Oil Filter

It is recommended to change the car oil every 3-6 months or after approximately 3,000-5,000 miles. The purpose of oil is to lubricate the car’s engine and the oil filter works to eliminate dirt or debris from reaching the motor oil to avoid any contamination of the engine.

  • Brake Pads

Your car brake pads can last for 3-5 years. The frequency of replacing brake pads depends on various factors such as larger vehicles experience increased wear of the brake pads faster than smaller cars. The type of original brakes that came with your car also matter because semi-metallic and ceramic brakes last longer compared to other types.

  • Engine Air Filter

Your engine air filter plays a crucial role of keeping dust and particles out of the engine. If the engine has dirt, it will not operate to its optimal level. It is safe to change the engine air filter every year. But if you live in dusty area, you should consider changing it more often.

  • Wiper Blades

Wipers are essential for a clear view of where you are going. Wipers wear off easily and so they need replacement every six months. Don’t drive with damaged wipers because in case weather conditions change, you risk your safety and that of other motorists.

  • Tires

Having proper traction and grip is critical when driving. Tires should be replaced every 5-7 years depending on miles driven every year, type of driving, as well as the wear rating on your tires. If your car has higher tire wear rating, they should last longer than low rated tires. Aggressive driving also increases tire wear.

  • Car Lights

Car lights can last only a few weeks or months. The traditional halogen bulbs often last 500-1,000 hours but the HID bulbs can go up to 2,000 hours. If one of your lights stops working, replace immediately for assured safety on the roads.

These auto parts are essential for your car. If you need them changed, ensure that you contact a genuine auto parts dealer for enhanced performance of your car.