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Renault Competes Ahead With Electric Vehicles In France

Renault Competes Ahead With Electric Vehicles In France

The European auto market recognizes Renault Zoe as one consistent and top-selling electric car. And with that, the company is aware the hotcake is almost receiving some severe competition. But the automaker decided to refresh the vehicle with a range of features considerably. Considering that driving in extreme temperature can adversely impact the car’s battery performance, without the right advice you can experience reduced battery life. That means you will not even take advantage of every feature offered by your car.

Why are Extreme temperatures a rival to electric car batteries?

The recent introduction from Renault will however only give you comfortable rides and perfect road manners if you maintain its temperature constant. There is a required level to ensure proper battery operation. Severe cold and heat reduce the average performance and efficiency regarding the range and charging capacity. The carmaker adds that using the car’s heating system will also impact the electric car’s working. Fortunately, following some existing smart solutions will limit the energy consumption in every weather.

Little things can bring a huge difference to ZOE’s battery life

The first thing that Renault recommends is that all drivers must charge the battery fully before leaving. Doing this will provide a greater range while either you turn on the cars heating system or even using pre-conditioning. The Inside charge indicator is available on your ZOE to allow you to program the system using your smartphone or even a card before hitting the road.

If you initiate pre-conditioning while having your car connected to any power source, the necessary energy that heats the inside will be from its electric grid, thus not affecting the range. In that way, you not only easily drive with a relaxed mind but also optimize your energy consumption.

Are you a smooth driver?

Apart from changing to the automatic ECO mode, the way you drive can as well have a substantial impact on your car’s energy consumption. In case you desire to enjoy your ZOE’s aggressive speeds, you will touch on energy use. With the extreme temperatures, the carmaker Renault advice all drivers to take advantage and try eco-driving styles. Of course, the extent at which you avoid making sudden breaks and starts will determine how much you can save the battery’s energy. Driers can always choose to anticipate the next moves to have the best and smooth rides while also reducing energy consumption.

Additionally, regenerative braking rounds out the car’s power use. With this, you can store energy throughout the severe braking and deceleration moments. Renault has developed this type of energy regaining braking system to convert moving energy to electrical. Drivers can now recover about 20% of Zoe’s range once the trip ends. Opting to park your vehicle in an enclosed area or a garage can protect d it from serious temperature changes.

What is the take of AutoPlus Dubai?

That Renault’s EV vehicle somehow aligns to what many drivers have expected. Following the fact that even upgraded cars are prone to get damaged after or during a long trip in adverse conditions, the renown Renault spare parts supplier AutoPlus recommends you must help the battery remain at bay with the temperature changes. Considering purchasing the accessories from the store means you get competitive price offerings to enable you to hit the road for an extended time without problems.