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Renault Selects Full Track and Trace for Parts Distribution to the Dealerships

Renault Selects Full Track and Trace for Parts Distribution to the Dealerships

From 2005, Renault has always distributed spare parts to many dealerships globally. With the strive of providing high-quality services to every client, the car maker usually delivers the orders within a day.  And on several occasions, necessary supplies are available whenever requested. Despite the use of roll containers and giving only the driver a key to the protected area, the warehouses still experience problems. In that way, the factory got driven to implement the project dubbed Full Track and Trace. The truth is, the service from Renault is at risk when they overstock or understock. So when the source of the parts is known, it is easy to have them traceable.

The Challenge

The main concern of Renault comes from the expenses needed to track, trace and recover the rolls properly. The existing system never monitored the process and forced the company to carry out a verification weekly. In the end, they got pushed to purchase new rolls to replace the ones that got lost. That means a solution was necessary to eliminate the problem of extra costs from losses and register and trace all the containers.

The Solution

Unlike the current system, the manufacturer uses software installed within a centralized PC. The data collected from the parts to be distributed stored on their server. In the end, no separate updates will be necessary leaving the information secure where it is located. The back-office application then finally processes every received and sent roll-containers details.

The Results

The chosen scanner communicates bi-directionally using the application placed centrally. With this, the back office operator can save the information quickly. The manufacturer intended this project to be for users and ensured the concept is a simple one. The user-friendliness also eliminates confusion and prevents the risks of misread results. Renault also confirms this fully meets the requirements and avoids time wastage.

Additionally, with Full Track and Trace, you can access the history of every product’s composition from production to distribution. Also, it becomes possible to monitor every step of the manufacturing journey starting with the origin, suppliers, store locations, logistics, among others. In the end, the essential resource will affect the running of the future factory and every industrial sector particularly car parts. The project matches the quality approach not only to improves product identification but also to regulate the products sold to vehicle buyers.

What are the benefits for Renault parts Dubai consumers and Renault Group?

Renault understands all the customers need an increasingly custom-built car equipped with current technologies. That means the dealers know the correct part straightway to be fitted to every model to make it compliant. The project allows Renault parts Dubai store to manage the full range provided and ensures every necessary product stocked.

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