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Stuck Gear Shift: Causes and Solutions

Stuck Gear Shift: Causes and Solutions

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A stuck gear shift can be caused by various factors. It is often frustrating when you sit to drive your car and the gear shift is stuck. You should familiarize yourself with the causes of such a problem and how to solve it. If you have the skill, you can deal with the problem before you go to an auto parts shop.

Causes of a Stuck Gear Shift

  • Damage in the car’s safety mechanism:  The safety mechanism is designed to ensure that the car cannot leave park mode until the brake pedal is applied. The mechanism is possible through interlock solenoid that receives signals from the brake pedal when to release the gear shift. If the interlock solenoid is damaged, it is unable to receive the messages from the brake pedal. While interlock solenoid is built to last, if it causes problems such as getting the key stuck in the ignition or malfunctioning of the gear shift, you need a genuine spare parts shop to get you a new one.
  • Failure of the Brake Light Switch: Brake lights are connected to the shift interlock system. The brake lights are controlled by a switch and if the switch is faulty, the gear shift is likely to get stuck. A mechanic can help do the proper tests before going to an auto spare parts shop for a replacement of the switch.
  • Damaged Transmission Parking Pawl: The transmission parking pawl ensures that the car wheels stop rotating when you put the gear shift into park mode. This goes to say if the pawl is faulty it can interfere with the normal operation of the gear shift. Genuine auto spares parts dealers do the necessary tests to make sure that the pawl can be repaired or replace it for you.
  • Damaged Gear Shift Cables: Like most auto parts, the cables that link the transmission can wear and tear. Constantly speed shifting or slamming the gears can increase the likelihood of damaging the cables. If the cables are stretched, it becomes difficult to shift the gears or it gets stuck. An auto spare parts technician can easily replace these cables for enhanced performance of your car.
  • Weather: If you live where the weather sometimes goes below freezing, it can lead to low pressure causing a stuck gear. You can resolve this by heating your garage.

Best Solutions

  • Replacing the Gear Fuse: You may find that the fuses at the shift lock system are blown. All you require is consulting a technician and a genuine spare parts shop to determine what specific fuse is the problem and replace it.
  • Examination of Gear Shift Sensor: You may need the help of a professional to find this sensor and determine if it is stuck. A technician can use penetrating oil in the tight spaces and loosen any deposit causing it to get stuck. However, to address the problem permanently, you need an auto spare parts dealer to help you get a new sensor button to deal with the problem once and for all.
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